We use cutting-edge technology and cutting-edge thinking to bring solutions to life.

Web-based Application Focus
For the past decade our focus has been on creating and developing web-based applications—content management systems, job recruiting sites, e-commerce, intranet, inventory tracking, online store and customer management, corporate financial systems, etc.

With the diverse customer base we have created solutions for; We have formed a very well rounded programming skill set—from PHP, Perl and CGI utilizing MySQL databases running on Linux to ASP.NET systems using Microsoft SQL Server running on Microsoft Windows Servers. Our current focus has been C# utilizing Microsoft's ASP.NET MVC platform.

Where We Are Best Utilized
If you need a web-based solution for your business and need someone that can lead, direct, and develop the right system, then we are the right fit. Our philosophy is there isn't a one right way to do things and all sides need to be taken into account. Our expertise is in getting everyone to work together and delivering the right solution.